Opportunities to Stitch

18th October 2019

Searching for something to put your needles and threads to? The San Francisco School of Needlework and Design may have just the thing you’re looking for!

They’ve just recently announced their latest Stitch at Home Challenge which was originally created to encourage and inspire people to stitch. 

They provide the inspiration – this time centring on the theme of Healing and Reflection – and you then use any needlework technique, or combination of techniques, to make a piece of textile art. Anyone at any level of stitching expertise may participate. To find out more click HERE.

Also from the team at SNAD, they’ve launched the creation of the World’s Longest Band Sampler, and they need your help!

You’re invited to create a band of your own to add to their sampler. You can either create one band all on your own or consider getting together with a group of friends to create a band together, and as this is an ongoing project there is no set due date. If you’d like to add a band of your own to the World’s Longest Band Sampler, you can find out more HERE.

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