Not Your Average Epaulette & Stork Scissors

11th November 2022

Recently we added Whiteley handcrafted carbon steel scissors to our line-up of wares. Handmade in Sheffield, England and famous for being the oldest scissorsmith in the western world, these are not your run of the mill, cut ok some of the time, tools.

These are the tools that, when you use them, feel like you’re creating the world’s most beautiful needlework. Which, just to reminder you, is exactly what you’re doing.

So, when creating beautiful needlework, these are the scissors you’ll want to be using.

Most of us have a pair of epaulette and stork scissors in our needlework kit, that pretty much goes without saying. And for many of us, we use them without thinking much about it. They cut ok, kinda feel ok and it’s all just a bit well… average. Why settle for average when you deserve fabulous?

Whiteley’s Epaulette and Stork scissors are just that – fabulous versions of your everyday embroidery scissors thanks to the quality of craftsmanship and premium materials used to forge each pair. These scissors are individually handmade using the skills and techniques handed down over the centuries. 

Both models have a beautiful quality about them and feature the sharpest of blades and finest of points, perfect for detailed work. 

What will it be then… average or fabulous? All those voting fabulous, click below! 

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