Nicole McLaughlin

23rd April 2021

Nicole McLaughlin is an artist who has spent her career bridging the mediums of ceramics and fibre, producing fascinating art works which speak to her Mexican-American heritage.

Embroidered plate (source)

Understanding the permanence of ceramic and combining it with the flexibility of thread, Nicole’s art pays homage to her background, to the idea of the feminine and to questions of memory and personal history.

Embroidered plate (source)

In particular, her embroidered vessels or Bordados mix brilliant colour with floral motifs, all of which have been inspired by the traditional dresses of Mexico that she remembers as a child.

Nicole’s Indigo Series (source)

Using inspiration from her own life, Nicole McLaughlin has created a body of work that is both unique and beautiful. You can view all of her work at her website HERE or follow her on Instagram HERE.

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