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1st October 2021

The other week we showcased Betsy Morgan’s Shaker Spool Box from Inspirations issue #111. Whilst many will be aware that Betsy is retiring, we did mention that it’s for good reason though, as she is now a proud grandmother twice over.

And as many can attest, being a grandmother can be a very time-consuming job!

Well, to follow on from that story, we received a wonderful email from Betsy that we wanted to share. When her grandson was born last year, Betsy stitched a beautiful sampler to celebrate his birth. It seems that her new granddaughter has been blessed with a similar gift.

Reflecting Betsy’s love of Elizabethan band samplers, she created this work of art which is sure to be treasured by her granddaughter throughout her life.

The Tooth Fairy by Betsy Morgan | Inspirations #99

Betsy said that she wanted it to be very ‘girlie’ which explains the colour palette and all of the flowers. She also wanted it to complement the girl’s tooth fairy box that she designed for the magazine back in 2017. 

In fact, she’s also giving both tooth fairy boxes to her daughter although it will be a few years before they are put into use!

We’re sure you’ll all want to join us in congratulating Betsy on the new arrival and we can safely say that her new granddaughter is an incredibly lucky little girl to have such a talented grandmother stitching for her. It will be wonderful to see if the little ones follow in Betsy’s footsteps and become master stitchers themselves.

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