New Life in the Shed

8th April 2022

Loneliness, isolation and mental health issues are finally being recognised around the world as affecting all people, women and men alike. Mark Gibbins from Coventry in England could see this happening, and so quietly set up a small chapter of the ‘Men’s Shed’.

Mark Gibbins

Open to all men, this type of group provides companionship, purpose and caring for people who need it most. It also offers new skills and experiences, one of which is embroidery.

Each member of the group has faced multiple challenges in their lives, but they all diligently threaded their needles and painstakingly stitched an embroidery pattern, most never believing they would ever do such a thing.

Mark Gibbin’s purpose was to:

‘…create a safe space for men to open up. The network that has come out of it is truly saving lives.’

The stitching is just one part. The companionship, acceptance and understanding are what makes this group truly transformative.

If you’d like to read more about the Coventry Men’s Shed, you can do so HERE. If you’d like to know more about the organisation, the Men’s Shed Australian Association can be found HERE, the UK’s Association HERE and if you’re in the US click HERE.

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