New Inspirations Index 1-115 | Digital Release

15th July 2022

We love hearing from the needlework community about all the treasured collections of Inspirations magazines out there, particularly how much everyone enjoys flicking through past issues and discovering projects that are still waiting to be stitched.

Then there are the times when you have specific projects in mind but you can’t recall which issues of the magazine hold which projects!

Many of you will be familiar with the indexes we have released over the years. They are valuable, quick look-up reference tools so you can search all things Inspirations magazine, including projects, techniques, designers and more.

Inspirations Index 1-100 was released in celebration of our 100th issue back in 2018. However, as we’re now shipping issue #115, we recognised that there are a whole lot of new projects that need to be indexed so you can find them as easily as all of those in the first 100 issues.

We received some insightful feedback from our readers with suggestions as to how we can make the index even more useful and user friendly.

The result is the release of an updated Inspirations Index complete with issues 1 through to 115, but this time in full, glorious digital format!

There are so many benefits in this digital-only release. The PDF document is set up with bookmarks so that you can navigate to any issue with a single click. This means no more flicking back and forth trying to find the issue you’re looking for.

Better still are the search capabilities. At last, you can do a search using any word, designer’s name or any other term you like. You can then scan through all of the indexed projects that contain that term until you find just the right one. We’ve all remembered the title of a project, or a designer, or even the technique but then struggled to remember where we saw it. The search facility in the new Inspirations Index 1-115 solves that problem and adds new layers of usability and functionality not possible in print.

As before, all of the projects are categorised by technique, designer and project type so you can easily search through to find what you’re looking for. All the step-by-steps have also been indexed and all of the known errata have been updated so you can tackle any project from any of our past magazines knowing that you have perfect instructions.

It’s never been easier to search through over 1,000 projects across your entire collection of Inspirations magazines.

Whether you are looking for a specific project, or just want to scroll through each page of the index oohing and aahing over all of the magnificent projects that have been published over the years as you try to settle on which one you’re going to stitch next, the Inspirations Index 1-115 is just what you need.

Like our other digital publications, you can purchase and download the index immediately and start searching for your next project before the kettle has even boiled.

Inspirations Index Issues 1-115

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