New Digital Patterns | Inspirations #93 – Part 1

2nd December 2022

When it comes to making a block-buster film there are a few tricks movie studios use to help underpin its success. It might be choosing an exotic location, an award-winning director, cinematographer or writer, but more often than not they try and lure the big guns. Actors and actresses who have a cult following and light up the screen with their charisma and charm.

If Inspirations magazine issue #93 was a movie, the tag line would have to be: Featuring a star-studded line-up of Hollywood A-Listers from across the globe, this ensemble cast has smash hit written all over it.

And so it is, Inspirations #93 features a stunning list of designers who indeed light up the pages in what is almost an embarrassment of riches.

This week we’re giving you unprecedented access to these Needlework A-Listers as each project from this block-buster issue is released as a digital pattern. Here are the first three:

Pheasant by Jenny Adin-Christie | Glorious use of metal thread techniques in a design inspired by Roman mosaics.

Inspired by the intricately detailed mosaics found in ancient Roman ruins, this superb study of a male, ring-necked pheasant is stitched with a range of colourful metal and silk threads, beads and paillettes. 

Tall Year Square by Betsy Morgan | Superbly detailed counted work étui that will take you through the four seasons.

Celebrate the changing seasons by stitching this elegant etui, decorated on each side with a counted thread design reflecting the yearly weather cycle.

Capucines by Catherine Laurençon | Vibrant, threadpainted study of nasturtiums.

Vibrant shades of tangerine, orange spice, yellow and red copper are used to stitch the stunning petals on this lovely threadpainted study of the nasturtium. 

All three projects are now available, exactly as they appear in the magazine, to purchase and download as individual Digital Patterns. The PDF file you purchase will have all the instructions, requirement lists, stitch diagrams and include full size pattern sheet(s) of the design and construction information when applicable.

Need help printing the design from your digital pattern to the correct size using your home printer? Step-by-step instructions are available on our FAQ page HERE.

Cue the end credits for this week’s release, join us next week for Part 2.

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