New Digital Pattern | The Magic Rooster Rug

10th September 2021

Because we have now published over 110 issues of Inspirations magazine and counting, we often forget that the patterns from the very earliest issues are still popular.

So, imagine our surprise when we received an email from a reader, Colleen Cox, asking us whether we could release The Magic Rooster Rug from Inspirations issue #5 as a digital pattern.

This striking blanket, designed by our very own Susan O’Connor, displays four proud roosters stitched in wool on a bright red blanket. Although the result is a cosy rug, the roosters are so beautifully drawn and so accurately coloured that this project is as much a work of art as it is a practical item.

Going back to look at this early project has made us realise how timeless so many of the designs in Inspirations are. If there are any early projects you’d like to see in digital format, please let us know. We have really loved the trip down Memory Lane.

Digital Patterns

The Magic Rooster Rug – i5 Digital

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