New Book | The Right-Handed Embroiderer’s Companion

12th March 2021

On several occasions we’ve discussed the challenges left-handed stitchers face when it comes to needlework and we often recommend Yvette Stanton’s fantastic Left-Handed Embroiderer’s Companion, a book which many left-handers swear by. It’s an incredibly comprehensive publication with plenty of step-by-step instructions for a huge array of stitches.

In fact, Yvette’s book is so good that those of the right-handed variety started to feel a little sad that we missed out.

Fortunately, Yvette has also published a Right-Handed Embroiderer’s Companion, so everyone can benefit from her incredible instruction.

There are over 170 stitches demonstrated in this comprehensive book, covering everything from counted thread and needlepoint through to an array of surface stitchery techniques.

All of the stitches are illustrated with photographs or diagrams to help you master even the most complicated ones in no time.

No matter which hand you favour, or even if you are one of those amazing ambidextrous stitchers, we’ve got you covered.

The Right-handed Embroiderer’s Companion

Yvette Stanton
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