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24th July 2020

In case you haven’t heard, the latest book from Trish Burr is already out and flying off of the shelves. We have to admit, we will never get enough of Trish’s exquisite needlepainting, and this book doesn’t disappoint.

This time, she’s combined her prodigious talent with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England, to bring you 11 gorgeous floral projects rendered in her easy-to-follow yet photographically perfect way.

For the Kew Book of Embroidered Flowers, Trish has chosen a range of unusual designs which can be worked individually or as one spectacular botanical study, packed with colour and life. Trish’s books are known for their uncomplicated instructions and the gentle progression from simple to complex, and this book is no different.

You can begin with the starter project – a vivid purple Japanese Anemone, then work, step by step through the book, mastering flowers, plants and insects until you reach the magnificent Magnolia and intricate Poppy sampler at the end.

Beautifully presented in a hardcover folder, the book also comes with a set of reusable iron-on transfers tucked into the elegant cover slip, so you don’t have to hand draw your patterns on to your fabric. Naturally, if you prefer, all of the patterns are also provided for you in the back of the book so you are really spoilt for choice.

It is difficult to decide which of these striking botanical studies is our favourite, so taken are we by each and every piece. This is a must for any Trish Burr lover, as well as any lover of floral and botanical imagery. Make sure to secure your copy now.

The Kew Book of Embroidered Flowers

Trish Burr
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