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31st March 2023

It’s not often that we get to share a new stitching technique with our readers, so when we do, it’s an exciting occasion.

In Inspirations issue #103 Maria Rita Faleri’s project ‘Tied in Knots’ introduced us to Italian knotting techniques that are used to create remarkable and unique tassels, the likes of which we had not seen before.

This was followed by another project by Maria ‘Fruit of the Vine’, which was released as part of our Handpicked range.

Everyone has been so captivated by this fascinating technique. Since learning that Maria had published her own book about her tassels, we have been working on stocking copies of it.

Titled ‘Nappe. Forme di ornamento tessile’, which translates to ‘Tassels - Creating Textile Ornaments’, this is a stunning book showcasing more of Maria’s work.

Often, these traditional techniques are only available in the mother language, so we feel incredibly fortunate that this book includes English translations while at the same time remains true to its origins.

Filled with intricate and beautiful tassels of all shapes and sizes, you’ll love learning more about what you can create working with knotted embroidery techniques.

Tassels – Creating Textile Ornaments by Maria Rita Faleri is now available to purchase online using the link below.

Tassels – Creating Textile Ornaments

Maria Rita Faleri, Rosalba Pepi
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