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6th May 2022

Needlework isn’t just about making lovely pictures to hang on your wall. Your needlework projects can also say something about you, help you to preserve memories and allow you to create art out of personal things. If you haven’t considered this before, then Stitched Memories by Tilly Rose is the book for you.

This beautiful book shows you several gorgeous ways that you can integrate precious items from your stash, your home or your past into very personal stitched projects.

The book encourages you to use things you already have in order to make the projects. These include many wonderful items such as gift tags, a stamped fabric picture or a beautiful book cover, perfect for a journal or notebook filled with thoughts, dreams and ideas.

The book isn’t a step-by-step guide to create something that will look exactly like the picture, rather it is a whole wealth of inspiration so that you can create the projects in a highly personalised way. The goal is to inspire you to go beyond just the projects published and start experimenting on your own. The lovely photographs and fantastic guidance inside aim to open a world of stitched memories and allow your creativity to fly.

Stitched Memories

Tilly Rose
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Sudberry Pincushions

It is easy to be inspired to make pincushions after all the wonderful pincushion projects we’ve been offering you over the past months. Whether you are making one of the many we’ve been highlighting, or you are pursuing a different project, if your pincushion needs a wooden base, Sudberry pincushions are just for you.

These elegantly tooled wooden bases come in two sizes and are perfect for mounting your stitched pincushion project. 

The Small Round Pincushion has a smooth finish and narrow surrounding lip that offers a subtle mount to highlight your stitching.

The Etcetera Pincushion has a handy surrounding tray that is ideal for holding bits and pieces while you stitch so nothing ever gets lost.

Stock up on your Sudberry pincushions today as we will undoubtedly be bringing you more pincushion projects in the weeks and months to come.

Sudberry House Pincushion – Small Round

Sudberry House
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Sudberry House Pincushion – Etcetera

Sudberry House
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