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5th August 2022

Sashiko embroidery is a type of Japanese stitching that uses running stitch to form intricate patterns. Originally, the technique was developed to repair clothing as fabric during the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, when the technique emerged, was a precious commodity. Working class families could not afford to replace damaged clothing, so additional patches were added to existing garments and stitched on using decorative geometric patterns.

Nowadays, Sashiko embroidery is practiced by stitchers all over the world. The beautiful and traditional combination of white thread on deep blue or indigo fabric is highly appealing and the simplicity of the stitching means it can be enjoyed by stitchers of all ages and abilities.

There are hundreds of different patterns that can be stitched, however there are a number of traditional patterns that feature frequently in Sashiko designs. Ordinarily, in order to achieve perfect uniformity, lovers of this technique will buy pre-printed fabric to stitch upon.

This week we’ve got something special for Sashiko stitchers who have their own fabric and would like to transfer their own designs.

‘Sashiko Stencils: Traditional Collection’ is a pack containing three 5” x 9” (12.5cm x 23cm) durable plastic stencils and a detailed instruction booklet advising you how to use them. Each stencil contains single iterations of three core patterns, which you can transfer to cloth as many times as you need for your completed project.

At last, here is a solution to create your own perfect Sashiko designs. You can reuse your stencils as often as you need, so the number of Sashiko projects you can make is limitless. Order yours and start stitching this gorgeous technique today.

Sashiko Stencils – Traditional Collection

Sylvia Pippen
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