New Book | Rose to Rose by Elisabetta Sforza

24th June 2022

It’s always exciting when one of our favourite designers releases a new book, so we were waiting eagerly when we heard that the latest publication from Elisabetta Sforza was due to arrive. Elisabetta has already produced three stunning books of embroidered alphabets that have been firm favourites with all of our readers. When Rose to Rose landed on our doorstep, we knew it would not disappoint.

In this book, Elisabetta has recreated the sublime watercolours of artist Patrizia Silingardi. Featuring trailing roses and other flowers in a range of glorious colours, Elisabetta has perfectly translated the paintings into stitch so that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two.

Of course, Elisabetta is known for her alphabets, so as well as the floral designs, the book also includes patterns for a full alphabet using the same roses in a range of colours. You are given instructions as well as ideas for use, so you can just choose the letters, or you can design a beautiful combination of the letters and the main designs.

This book is a must if you already love Elisabetta’s work, or if this is the first time you have encountered her, you’re definitely in for a treat. We have Rose to Rose in stock right now, and while you’re there, why not browse through all of Elisabetta’s other books as well.

Rose to Rose

Elisabetta Sforza
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