New Book | Needlepainted Plants and Pollinators

21st April 2023

If you love the Buttercup & Thick-legged Flower Beetle that graces the cover of Inspirations issue #118 as much as we do, we’ve got the perfect addition to your reading list.

The designer of that gorgeous cover project, Victoria Matthewson, is also the author of ‘Needlepainted Plants and Pollinators’, a book published by Search Press featuring nine beautifully stitched plant and pollinator projects.

This is a wonderful book full of stunning embroideries that carries an important message.

With each piece worked with filament silk, every intricate aspect of the subject matter at hand is superbly captured in great detail.

What is the important message Victoria conveys through the projects specifically selected for this book?

Check out our full review of the Buttercup & Thick-legged Flower Beetle design below or read our full review of Victoria’s book on page 15 of issue #118 to discover more.

Then, when you’re ready, come on back here and click the link below to purchase your own copy of this stunning publication.

Needlepainted Plants & Pollinators

Victoria Matthewson
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