New Book | Guide to Granny Squares

9th September 2022

When most of us learnt to crochet, the first thing we were taught was a basic granny square. This well-known pattern has been used for generations to create rugs, clothing and household items, and has been hooked up by crocheters the world over, from beginners to experts.

the pattern can be adapted, the possibilities just explode. This is what the latest book by Celine Semaan and Leonie Morgan, entitled ‘A Modern Girl’s Guide to Granny Squares’ offers, with a fabulously varied and colourful range of adaptations of the basic design.

From rainbows to citrus slices, this book is filled with different types of crocheted squares which can be put together in a multitude of ways. Each square includes a large, full-colour photograph and detailed instructions for making it, with colour suggestions included. However, the beauty of the book is that each crocheter can combine and vary the squares in myriad ways to create gorgeously unique projects.

Take your love of crocheted granny squares to the next level and discover just how adaptable this gorgeous technique is with A Modern Girl’s Guide to Granny Squares.

A Modern Girl’s Guide to Granny Squares

Celine Semaan, Leonie Morgan
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