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30th September 2022

Have you ever wondered how the world of needlework might appear to people on the outside?

Imagine you told someone that you couldn’t wait to purchase this new book all about cruel animals and their portraits – what kind of reaction would you receive?!

If ever there was a needlework designer who would relish in the confusion created by her clever and sassy titles, it’s Hazel Blomkamp.

In fact, Hazel has an entire series of books that both mess with the minds of non-stitchers and bring immense joy to the needlework world.

Think Crewel Twists, Crewel Creatures, Crewel Birds, even Crewel Intentions (we wonder how many husbands/partners saw us with that last book and got a little worried!).

To add to her beautiful and vast collection, Hazel has now released another fabulous book that, this time, gives prominence to the tiger, lion, zebra, giraffe, monkey and leopard.

In and of themselves these animals are already spectacular subjects to stitch, but after they have received a Hazel Blomkamp Crewel Make Over… we’re now talking next level stunning.

If you’re looking for projects that are a pleasure and a joy to stitch, and a book title that will keep your non-stitching friends wondering what on earth you do in your spare time, Cruel, sorry, Crewel Animal Portraits is the book for you.

Crewel Animal Portraits

Hazel Blomkamp
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