New Bohin Tape Measures

13th November 2020

What are the essential items you should always carry with you in your handbag? Glasses, purse and phone are the obvious ones, but what about a tape measure? How many times have you wished you had one and swore you’d drop one in your bag soon?

The Bohin retractable tape measures are perfect for your handbag or your stitching bag.

Available in two different designs both decorated with an elegant, black and white print, these tape measures have a super smooth retracting mechanism and are light, compact and beautifully designed.

Never again will you have to guess the size of a piece of fabric by eye or measure a sleeve length or waist measurement with a random piece of string. Having one of these tape measures with you at all times means you can get accurate sizes no matter where you are.

And best of all, they make fantastic stocking fillers! Why not buy one for each member of your stitching group? The only problem you’ll have is remembering whose is whose!


Bohin Tape Measure – Paisley


Bohin Tape Measure – Rose

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