Nature vs Nurture

10th May 2019

Nature vs nurture is an age-old debate that centres around whether our personality characteristics and behavior are most influenced by genes and hereditary factors or if it’s the environmental variables, such as our childhood experiences, social relationships and the surrounding culture we’re raised with, that most impact who we are.

We wondered whether the same debate was applicable to stitchers – are some of us stitchers by nature or are we all stitchers by nurture?!

Many of us will have had someone or something that nurtured us into our love of all things needle and thread. We know the very moment our interest in stitching was piqued and can trace how our interest was nurtured whether it be via relative, friend, class or textbook. We wouldn’t be where we are today unless we’d been nurtured along the way.

Yet, there are some stitchers among us who seem as if they were ‘born with a silver needle in their mouth’. No doubt we all know at least one such stitcher – they’re the ones who seem to know no challenge or boundary in what they’re able to stitch and produce results that far exceed the ones we pour our heart and souls into nurturing!

However, we think that reaching our full potential as stitchers requires each one of us nurture the gifts and talents that have been bestowed upon us.

So, whether you identify as being a stitcher by nature or nurture, we’d love to hear how you nurture your love and talent of all things needle and thread. Email us at

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