Mastering Colour Palettes

5th February 2021

Isn’t it amazing how some designers seem to have a natural eye for colour? How do they know which threads to put together to create such harmonious combinations?

Colour combining doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so we’ve found a website which can help.

Stitch Palettes offers a huge range of colour palettes for embroidery, using DMC colour numbers to make things easier.

You can sign up to their newsletter to receive weekly colour matching inspiration, and you can browse through their enormous library of beautiful palettes.

There is even a tool for you to create your own palette using any DMC colour number. You’ll be delivered a huge number of possible combinations based on shades, complimentary colours and the position of the colour on the colour wheel.

You’ll never doubt your ability to select colours again with this handy website at your fingertips. Check out all of the fabulous colours at the Stitch Palettes website HERE. 

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