Lotus + Daisy = Stunning Box

21st June 2024

Boxes are curious things really. They serve lots of different purposes that are all utilitarian in nature, yet at some point someone decided to embellish them. Why have a boring box when you can have a fabulous one? That person must have been a stitcher!

Needlework artisan Margaret Lee knows how to take a box and make it decorative. So decorative in fact, they are truly works of art.

If you enjoy highly ornate and gorgeous to look at boxes, may we suggest you avail yourself of the custom-made wooden embroidered panel display box called Daisy.

Its sole purpose is to house an exquisite piece of embroidery in the lid so you can enjoy decorating your house with practical pieces of stitched art.

Also, if you are looking for a suggestion as to which project to stitch to place in the lid of your new box, may we put forward Lotus, also designed by Margaret Lee.

Links for everything are below and as our featured project for this week is Shippo Flowers, which is also an embroidered panel designed to fit this box, you might find yourself starting a bit of a box art gallery!


Embroidered Panel Display Box – Daisy

Digital Patterns

Lotus – HP Digital

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