Living Felt

13th December 2019

Needle felting is a textile artform gaining rapidly in popularity as was highlighted in a recent post by Mr X Stitch. It is not difficult to create adorable animals or characters once you’ve mastered the technique. However, when you combine an incredible imagination, the ability to draw and the skills to transform your vision into a realistic felted character, you’ve reached the pinnacle of the art.

Lorisnail by Davina Behin Jones (source)

Davina Behin Jones and Steph Laberis are two artists who have reached those heights. The comparison between their illustrations and their needle felted sculptures are uncanny, as if the creatures had just jumped off of the page and come to life.

…when looking at the sculpture and the illustration…it’s impossible to tell which came first.

Raturdae by Steph Laberis – illustration and sculpture (source)

I’m sure you’ll agree it is hard to believe these creatures aren’t real! To enjoy more of these amazing designs, check out the rest of the article by Mr X Stitch HERE. 

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