LED Sewing Machine Light

17th June 2022

One of the essential requirements for any craft or hobby is good light. This goes as much for when we sit down at the sewing machine as it does for when we sit down at our needlework.

Although most sewing machines have a light installed within them, we find they are rarely bright enough. Most of us end up fashioning some kind of additional lighting using lamps that get in the way or head torches that can often become uncomfortable!

The OttLite LED Sewing Machine Light is the answer!

This compact little light attaches to your sewing machine and provides a super bright addition to your work. As well as a sturdy clip, it also has a bracket so you can mount it on the sewing machine safely, ensuring it won’t fall off as you’re working a difficult seam.

Best of all, it charges via a universal USB power cable, or you can install 3 AAA batteries in it for even longer lasting illumination.

If you don’t use a sewing machine, or if you want to use your light elsewhere, the OttLight LED Sewing Machine Light is incredibly versatile. 

It is perfect for clipping onto a needlework frame to provide you with all the light you need for stitching. It would even clip on a book for you to use as a handy reading light.

You won’t ever have to sew, stitch or craft in poor light again. Your lightweight, super-bright, portable OttLite LED Sewing Machine Light is all you need for easy, comfortable needlework, day or night.

LED 2 in 1 Sewing Machine Light – White

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