Koma – A Wooden Wonder

1st March 2024

If you are not familiar with koma, they are an essential tool in Japanese embroidery. In fact, if you’ve ever tackled this technique without koma, using one for the first time may well be life changing!

These wooden wonders act as a second set of hands, ensuring even tension while couching threads and beads – a true game-changer in your stitching toolkit.

Originally designed for Japanese gold threads, today we use koma when beading or for any decorative thread that needs couching.

To use, wrap the thread around the koma then place it on your needlework or hold it in your non-stitching hand and feed the thread from the wooden spool. Keeping the koma close to your needlework helps you maintain control over your thread as you couch it down.

Thanks to their square ends, koma stay put, eliminating the frustration of chasing rolling spools while you’re stitching.

Upgrade your stitching experience today with a pair of koma, now available on our website.



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