Know Your Stitching from A-Z

19th June 2020

Every child learns their alphabet as soon as they start school. After all, the alphabet provides the fundamental building blocks for language. The same could be said for all aspects of needlework.

In order to learn any style of needlework, from embroidery to whitework, smocking to knitting, you should start with the ABCs.

Our enormously popular range of A-Z books provides you with these building blocks. Every stitch is described and demonstrated step-by-step, with clear, full colour photographs.

These books are ideal for learning a new technique, but where they really come into their own is as an ongoing reference.

Can’t remember what the third step is in Portuguese knotted stem stitch? Struggling to remember the difference between a thumb cast on and a cable cast on in knitting? Or are you momentarily drawing a blank when trying to do a smocker’s knot? Just pull out one of your trusty A-Z books and the answer will be right there.

With 20 different books covering a host of common techniques, now is the time to start, or complete, your collection.


A-Z Series

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