Knitting Pilgrim

9th April 2021

We love to bring you stories of unusual artists, in particular men who work with yarn. Recently, Kirk Dunn was brought to our attention and we simply fell in love. As well as Kirk’s amazing use of colour in his designs, we were completely captivated by his story and how he has brought knitting into so many aspects of his own and other’s lives.

Kirk’s One-man Show (source)

As well as a designer, Kirk is also an actor and a writer. He shares his skills through workshops and demonstrations, but has also created a one-man show, entitled The Knitting Pilgrim which outlines his life and spiritual journey, all with a backdrop of three breathtaking knitted panels that look for all the world like stained glass.

Kirk’s Three Huge Knitted Panels (Source)

It is definitely worthwhile taking a browse around Kirk’s website. You’ll be amazed by his skill and his designs. And for anyone in Canada lucky enough to have seen his show, we would love to know what you thought.

Kirk (Centre) at a Floradale Mennonite Church workshop (source)

You can read all about Kirk Dunn, his life and his work at his website HERE.

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