Knitting a City

14th August 2020

While at present we might not be able to travel as much as we used to, it doesn’t mean we can’t continue to admire the idiosyncrasies of the various cities around the world that make them unique. Knitter Jake Henzler decided to immortalise one of his favourite cities, Copenhagen, in a fabulous knitted blanket.

Copenhagen as you’ve never seen it before (source)

After living in Copenhagen for a year, Jake fell in love with the pastel-coloured buildings with their picture-perfect windows and geometric shape. He realised they made an ideal subject for a knitted block, and the ‘Copenhagen Building Blocks’ pattern was born.

A Copenhagen Cushion (source)

Don’t fancy knitting a blanket? These blocks can be made into scarves, cushions or anything else you can think of which might require squares. And if you haven’t quite had enough of the cuteness factor, you can check out more of Jake’s designs on Instagram HERE.

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