Kit Kemp

25th October 2019

If the name Kit Kemp was to come up in conversation, what comes to mind?

For us, it’s her incredible eye for detail and the rich inclusion of embroidered textiles she uses in each of the rooms she creates.

Kit Kemp is the founder and creative director of Firmdale Hotels whose interiors are renowned for being rich in colour and pattern, all featuring bold inclusions of embroidery.

But alas, we admire her work from afar via Instagram and the occasional article we find in magazines as we’ve not yet had the privilege of calling one of her unique rooms home, even if only for a night!

Recently, however, we took one step closer to enjoying the magic Kit creates as the owners of Al-Ru Farm, whose gorgeous venue we use for much of the photography in our publications, had just returned from a stay at Number Sixteen in London, and Ruth was only too eager to share the delights of her stay.

Ruth shared photos and details of Kit’s attention to each and every aspect of the hotel from her boldly framed artworks, courageous use of colour, the luxuriously upholstered bed heads that set the tone for each of the rooms, right down to the hand embroidered cushions that add a level of extravagance to the beds and furniture rarely seen in individual homes, let alone commercial hotels.

Kit is keeping the art of colour and detail in our surrounds well and truly alive, but more than that, she’s championing the use of hand embroidery as a must-have in any balanced and harmonious space, and for that we’re incredibly grateful!

If you’ve been lucky enough to stay at a Firmdale Hotel, we’d love to hear all about it. Email – we can’t wait to experience the magic of Kit through your eyes!

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