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14th June 2024

It just so happens while putting together this week’s issue of All Stitched Up! we came across a project we published way back in Inspirations magazine issue #50.

The reason it caught our eye was because the line up in our news section for this week features a new book and soluble pens.

We ask you, therefore, what are the chances of finding a needlework project that lines up perfectly with these featured products?

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with Keepsakes by Beverley Sheldrick, which just happens to include an enchanting book cover, bookmark and pen case!

The world of embroidery is truly an amazing place… click below to learn more about Keepsakes, which you might just want to stitch in case you’re looking for a home for your Clover pen, a bookmark for your Swedish Weaving book or even a fancy cover for it!

Digital Patterns

Keepsakes – i50 Digital

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