8th October 2021

After unpacking some ways to overcome perfectionism in the opening paragraphs of All Stitched Up! issue #301, we closed with an invitation that encouraged us to chase after our dreams, knowing that although our results may not be perfect, we’ll get better every time we try.

Since penning those words, we came across a term that fits this process, dare we say it… perfectly! Kaizen.

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning change for the better or continuous improvement.

Whilst it is a term that’s usually used in relation to business, we love that it refers to improvement that is both gradual and methodical in nature. 

Not only is this something most of us pursue in our time with needle and thread, but it is also something that runs through the core of what we do here at Inspirations HQ. We are constantly looking at what we produce as well as our systems and procedures, wondering if there’s room for improvement. If we’re honest though, when we find something that requires some ‘enhancement’, we’d usually rather the change is instant, but alas, it tends to be a steady process that’s brought about through a systematic approach.

All Stitched Up! is – and here comes that word again! – a perfect example of where we’ve applied Kaizen to what we produce. For the most part, the changes to the newsletter are gradual – a new segment here and there, a slightly different layout, a fresh approach to the graphic design, all as we look for ways to improve both the content and its delivery.

Interestingly, we came across the term Kaizen in an email from Hiut Denim where they answered questions about a term that had become commonplace to them but was unfamiliar to many of their customers – selvedge.

And that made us wonder, are there terms we routinely use in All Stitched Up! that, whilst familiar to us are anything but to you?! Have we assumed knowledge that may need unpacking for those who have only just recently joined the Inspirations family?

If so, we’d love to know what they are. Whether it’s in this newsletter or any of the ways we communicate with you via print, digital or social media platform, simply email news@inspirationsstudios.com and we’ll work toward ‘Kaizening’ how we converse with you. 

Oh, and if you’ve now found yourself wondering about selvedge, you can read all about it HERE courtesy of Hiut Denim Co!

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