It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

22nd September 2023

Three years ago, the team here at Inspirations embarked on a bold, exciting new initiative called The Design Collective.

The quest was to create a series of books that would showcase a collection of the world’s most beautiful needlework projects, in a fresh and innovative way.

When you consider the pedigree of publications that have come from the Inspirations stable over the span of 35+ years, creating something different was always going to be a challenge.

At the core of our objective was the desire to combine three key elements:

  • Ask 12 designers to stitch their own interpretation of a common theme
  • Provide the reader with behind-the-scenes access to the design process
  • Present the projects in a simplified, elegant, and powerful way

Straight away you know you’re about to experience something unique just by looking at the cover of the book. It too has been deliberately stripped back. It reveals nothing, yet it creates intrigue.

With The Design Collective, we’re elevating embroidery into the art and design world. It’s where it belongs.

After the launch of Volume 1 | Pincushions, we decided to go all out and tackle the biggest celebration on the annual calendar. Christmas.

Imagine a book with 12 of the world’s best designers, bringing their offering of celebration and praise interpreted in stitch.

A book that creates an experience as if you’re looking over the shoulder of each designer while they’re working and hear how they went about creating each masterpiece.

Next, fashion together a magical environment to capture each embroidered artwork in such a way that it conveys the most visceral emotion while at the same time gets you so close that you can count every stitch.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you The Design Collective | Volume 2 Christmas.

It truly is, the most magical time of the year…

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