21st September 2018

In Hannah Brencher’s book ‘Come Matter Here’ there is a chapter called ‘Be the Invitation’.

It talks about how we should invite others into our lives rather than wait to be invited by someone else. It’s a call to each of us within the many roles we fulfil throughout our days, but we thought it was especially relevant to our stitching.

Have you ever thought of inviting someone into your stitching world?

It might be as simple as inviting a stitcher to accompany you to your favourite needlework shop or letting someone know about the ‘secret’ stitch and chat session you’ve been attending, or it might be as bold as inviting a non-stitcher to try taking up needle and thread for the first time.

You might even be adventurous enough to create a stitching group of your own either online or in person by simply creating the time and space and inviting those around you to be a part of it.

By being the invitation we allow others to share in what we know, create community with like-minded people and perhaps even pass on our passion for needle and thread to another generation of stitchers ensuring our craft remains.

How can you be the invitation today?

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