Instant Gratification

6th December 2019

Did you know that humans are hard wired to want things and want them now?

Instant gratification has become a powerful force in how we expect the world to operate around us. We’re often able to get what we want whenever we want it as the world now offers us the ability to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay.

Whilst convenient, instant gratification has the knack of compromising our ability to work hard, be patient and exercise our will power, all of which are important character traits.

The good news is that needle and thread are the perfect antidote to help us resist the call of instant gratification.

As we embrace our passion for all things needle and thread, we’re forced to slow down and reacquaint ourselves with delayed gratification as there are very few ‘instantlys’ found within our pursuit! Stitching allows us to relish the unhurried and meditative push and pull of needle and thread through fabric and eventually enjoy the fruits of our labours, all whilst reinforcing the art of hard work, patience and willpower.

Who could ask for more?!

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