New & Updated Inspirations Needle Guides

23rd April 2021

When you take a needle out from your needlebook or grab one from your pincushion, how do you know what type of needle it is? While you can usually tell if it is a sharp or a tapestry needle, trying to determine the size often comes down to guess work.

The Inspirations Needle Guide takes all the guess work out of the process for you and today we’re launching not one, but two brand new versions.

Our original needle guide was first released around 8 years ago and has been extremely popular ever since, so we decided it was time for an update and redesign. 

New Needles Added

Displaying everything from Milliner’s needles and Darners through to Tapestry needles and ‘Betweens’, the images are actual size so you can simply lay your unknown needle on the card to discover exactly what it is.

As part of our update, we have now added a range of beading needles as well as including some additional sizes in other categories to create a more comprehensive guide.

Two Designs Available 

When our design team developed the concepts for the new Needle Guide, there were two final contenders to choose from. The first was based on the project Flowers of Panicale by Paola Matteucci and the other from Tree of Life by Margaret Light.

L – Flowers of Panicale R – Tree of Life

They were both so beautiful that rather than pick between the two, we have released both designs so that you can chose your own favourite or buy one of each!

Keep a card handy in your stitching bag and another one at home on your sewing table and you’ll always know you’re using the right needle for the project.

Essential for your kit and perfect as a gift, the new Inspirations Needle Guide Cards are now available for purchase below.


Inspirations Needle Guide Card – Tree of Life


Inspirations Needle Guide Card – Flowers of Panicale

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