Inspirations Colouring Book

23rd November 2018

A few short years ago, colouring books were relegated exclusively to the domain of children. Then an awakening occurred, and the world discovered adults love to colour in too! Perhaps not too dissimilar to learning how to stitch as a child, when you find something you enjoy who says it has to stop when you grow up? Look how much fun we’re all having with our needles and threads as grownups!

If you love to stitch AND colour in, our new book ‘Coloured Stitches’ is for you. Featuring 24 spectacular designs from needlework projects from Inspirations Magazine over the years, now you can colour in what you’ve stitched or vice versa.

The perfect excuse to give yourself permission to pick up some coloured pencils, or a great gift for the kids as a soft introduction to the world of needlework, Coloured Stiches comes with a pack of 10 coloured pencils ready to make the world more beautiful one pencil stroke at a time!


Coloured Stitches | Colouring Book with Pencils

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