Inspirations Calendar – October Project

28th September 2018

If you’ve even been asked who your favourite movie star is, inevitably the follow up question is which of their movies you like the best. The same would apply to your favourite needlework designer – which of their projects do you love the most?

Fans of Carolyn Pearce have a particularity difficult task in this regard, as not only is all of her work absolutely gorgeous, the number of pieces to choose from is seemingly endless. One project, however, that consistently ranks high on everyone’s list of their ‘Carolyn favourites’ is ‘Home Sweet Home’.

The October project featured in the Inspirations calendar is ‘Welcome Home’ which is a bonus accessory Carolyn created for the Home Sweet Home workbox, exclusively for Inspirations Magazine issue #92, in celebration of the book coming back in print

This enchanting little case is designed to hold a bodkin, pins and a few precious needles. Stitched onto matching fabric, the bellows-shaped case has a single heartsease on the cover and an embroidered initial on the back.

Digital Patterns

Welcome Home

Printed Books

Home Sweet Home – An Embroidered Workbox

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