Inspirations Calendar | July Project

25th June 2021

There are a lot of you who are probably enjoying your time out in the garden right now, luxuriating in the sun and getting enormous pleasure from all the flowers, insects and new growth that come with the season. This is why the July calendar project is the perfect complement to the northern hemisphere summer as it captures a slice of that pleasure in a gorgeous little design.

Small World by Rose Andreeva first appeared in Inspirations issue #102. Filled with texture and colour, the design depicts a snail curiously approaching a curling strawberry plant. Surrounded by playful ladybirds, the snail and all elements of this diminutive scene are worked in various stitches and a range of different beads to give it a wonderfully realistic finish. 

This is the perfect project to work whilst you’re sitting in your favourite garden chair, listening to the hum of the bees and enjoying the warmth of the sun. And then, when the weather inevitably turns colder, you can always look back on Small World to remind you of the lovely season that will soon come again.

Digital Patterns

Small World

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