Inspirations Calendar | January Project

17th December 2021

At last, we are about to open up the glorious Inspirations 2022 calendar to the first new month and what a project we’ll be met with!

Jo Butcher’s Sea View is the perfect project to kick off the start of the year and celebrate the month of January.

This lovely little picture, worked on exquisitely printed fabric, shows a serene ocean scene with soft coastal grasses and flowers gently swaying in front of a calm blue sea.

Sea View perfectly reflects the kinds of scenes we might see on our holidays or weekends away for those enjoying the warmth and sun in the southern half of the world.

And for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, Jo’s project is a lovely reminder of warmer days to come that can help you get through the cold, dark days of winter.


Sea View – i107 Kit

Digital Patterns

Sea View – i107 Digital

Printed Patterns

Sea View – i107 Print

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