Inspirations Calendar | February Project

28th January 2022

We’re almost into the second month of 2022 already, and the Inspirations calendar features a project that will definitely keep you busy for the whole of February.

Margaret Lee’s beautiful Pomegranate, which originally featured on the cover of Inspirations issue #106, introduced us all to Margaret’s fine technique of Chinese Random Stitch Embroidery.

This technique, using Chinese silk thread, allows the stitcher to create artworks that are so lifelike it is hard to believe they aren’t photographs.

This simple study of a ruby red pomegranate teaches blending, colour matching, shading and stitch direction, and was a firm favourite when first published.

February is a short month, but it is one for concentration. Pomegranate is the ideal project to tackle if you want to spend some quiet time either escaping the heat or trying to keep warm through the last, cold month of winter.


Pomegranate – i106 Kit

Digital Patterns

The Magical Pomegranate – i39 Digital

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