Inspirations #66 | Digital Patterns

11th June 2021

From out-of-print issue #66 of Inspirations, we’re happy to bring you the digital version of Pat-a-Cake, a set of simply adorable aprons designed by Anna Scott.

You’d be hard pressed to find a child who doesn’t love to get their hands dirty in the mixing bowl, especially if chocolate chips and cake batter are involved. Kids love to bake delicious treats (and clean up the bowls), but they aren’t always too diligent about keeping their clothes clean. This gorgeous project provides a colourful solution.

Pat-a-Cake is a pattern for two aprons, one with frills and a pocket embroidered with two little girls playing pat-a-cake, and the other adorned with delicious appliqué ice-creams. Perfect for boys or girls, the pattern provides all of the instructions you need to make the aprons using whatever pieces of fabric you have to hand, as well as full instructions for the fabulous, embroidered decorations.

Any time is a good time to get the kids into the kitchen to help with the baking, so make sure you have these two little aprons ready. That way you can forget about whether they’ve got chocolate or flour on their clothes and simply enjoy the delicious process. You can download this wonderful pattern immediately and have the aprons all ready for your next cooking adventure.

Pat-a-Cake – i66 Digital

Anna Scott
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