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14th October 2022

How has your 2022 been so far? For many of us it’s been a bit of a struggle coming to terms with the new world we live in with so many changes at hand. Others may be relishing the enjoyment of an amazing year for lots of different reasons.

Here’s the good news… whether it’s been a tough year or a rock star year, either way we are about to improve it for you with the release of Inspirations magazine issue #116.

On occasion there is an alchemy that takes place that results in a particular issue of the magazine possessing a certain je ne sais quoi that we can’t fully explain. Inspirations #116 is one such issue.

If you are looking for a mood booster, an outlook lifter or a serious dose of ‘gimme some inspiration’, you’ve come to the right place.

Titled ‘Spirit of Christmas’, this issue of Inspirations does indeed have somewhat of a messianic quality to it.

How about we start with that mesmerising cover. Balthazar is a goldwork Christmas beetle brooch by first time contributor Tania Cohen. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is an impressive way to burst onto the Inspirations stage – well done Tania and welcome!

Darlings of the needlework industry Jenny Adin-Christie and Helen M. Stevens grace us with two superb designs. Helen has created a silk embroidered decorative pigeon called Crowning Glory and Jenny showcases some exquisite fine whitework textures with The Embroiderer’s Workbox.

To help bring the theme of Christmas front and centre, Wendy Innes razzle and dazzles us with The First Noël, a festive goldwork and stumpwork panel.

Inspirations regulars Di Kirchner and Ana Mallah bring their own festive-esque designs with Little Birds, an enchanting set of hanging ornaments by Ana and Red Treasure Box by Di, a beautiful counted-thread etui containing several needlework accessories all finished in brilliant red.

Italian designer Maria Rita Faleri is back with the stylish table mat Chequerboard, worked using pulled thread embroidery.

To finish off the issue the same way all good meals should end, we bring you a decadent dessert. Denise Forsyth has fashioned a pocket etui in the form of a pavlova slice topped with an array of tasty fruit. A Slice of Life opens to reveal a needle page and a scissor holder – just make sure your friends don’t try and eat it first!

And if all this isn’t enough, we haven’t yet begun to talk about the amazing articles that are included in issue #116.

In ‘Drawing with Thread’ our roving reporter Ansie van der Walt interviews Meredith Woolnough who designs and creates the most magical three-dimensional machine stitched sculptures based on her scientific study of nature.

Her work has proven to be so popular and inspiring, Meredith now runs her own online classes teaching people the world over how to create their own amazing sculptures.

‘Dolls for Change’ explores the story of Kimberely Becker who uses the sale proceeds of her wonderfully artistic upcycled dolls to fund the construction of bathrooms in impoverished areas of Kampala in Uganda. 

If eclectic and free flowing needlework pieces stitched using sashiko, boro and indigo dyeing techniques sounds fun, you’ll enjoy reading about Lindsey Gradolph in the article ‘Following a Dream’.

Lindey’s offbeat approach to designing and her passionate relationship with all the different personality types she creates for each colour is fascinating.

Finally, inside Inspirations issue #116 you will also enjoy a couple of book reviews including Jenny Adin-Christie’s masterpiece ‘Fine Whitework’, which is part of the RSN stitch guide series. Plus, we share more about Esemplario, Maria Rita Faleri’s beautiful book on pulled thread embroidery we referenced in this newsletter earlier.

Have we whetted your appetite enough yet? If you are in any way shape or form remotely interested in needlework, we promise you’re going to find something to enjoy in Inspirations issue #116, now available for purchase.

Inspirations Issue 116

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