Inspirations #106 Out Now!

17th April 2020

Regular readers of All Stitched Up! will know our views on embroidery and art – they are pretty much the same thing in our opinion! Which is why the new issue of Inspirations magazine is a huge celebration of the art of stitch.

All of the projects from issue #106 would look right at home in any of the world’s famous galleries.

In this issue we provide you with all the inspiration and encouragement needed to create your very own works of art using your needle rather than  a paint brush.

A great place to start is Margaret Lee’s deceptively simple ‘Pomegranate’ which appears on the cover and introduces you to the remarkable technique of random stitch embroidery which, once mastered, unlocks your ability to stitch incredibly lifelike designs. 

Those who enjoy threadpainting can stitch Renette Kumm’s gorgeously coloured ‘Coquette’, worked in a rainbow of colours.

You might decide to encase a loaf of fresh bread in a delightfully stitched bread bag titled ‘Pane Di Casa’ by Elisabetta Sforza, or for those lovers of crewel embroidery, Anna Scott’s ‘Dawn Chorus’ shows a joyous songbird perched on a branch, surrounded by soft pink flowers.

If you’ve always wanted to try stumpwork, Ana Mallah has produced ‘Into the Forest’ which is a needlebook and pincushion that could easily have been plucked straight from the lush floor of a magical forest. 

Or challenge yourself with another forest dweller – ‘Robin Hood’ standing proudly by a tree and holding his bow and arrow, designed by Kay and Michael Dennis.

Counted embroidery fans will love Di Kirchner’s Hardanger mat ‘Delicate Stitches’, created using a symphony of intricate stitches that make for an exquisitely detailed piece offering hours of stitching pleasure. 

Completing our gallery of designs for this issue is a beautiful piece that combines the discipline of counting with the freedom of surface shapes – Deborah Love’s Schwalm project entitled Field of Flowers.

We believe that every home should be filled with works of art, and Inspirations issue #106 is exactly what you need to do just that.

Start with one or stitch them all, Inspirations issue #106 is out now!

Inspirations Issue 106

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