Hummingbird Needle Threaders

2nd October 2020

Threading needles – the one thing every single stitcher has to do over and over (and over). Although some of us seem to have mastered the process, for the majority, the sheer frustration of the task means a needle threader is an essential item in our kit.

However, as almost all of you will know, there are needle threaders and there are needle threaders.

We’ve all used the ones which seem to pull apart on first use, meaning the only place they belong is the bin. Or the ones which are so big that you couldn’t even dream of getting it through the eye of your needle, let alone pulling a thread through after it. That is why we’re bringing you ‘Le Needle Bird’.

These adorable needle threaders are small enough that you’ll be able to use them even on the finest of needles, robust enough that they’ll last the distance, and gorgeous enough that one will simply not be enough.

Designed to look like a delicate hummingbird, the metal ‘beak’ works to thread the needle. Then, close the plastic cover and there is a handy thread cutter inside – two essential tools in one.

The hummingbird needle threaders come in blue, pink and teal and have a hole in the wing so they can be hung on a chatelaine, keyring or attached to a handmade fob so you’ll always have one to hand. Thanks to these cute little birds, you’ll never need to waste precious stitching time trying (and failing) to thread that pesky needle again.


Hummingbird Needle Threader – Blue


Hummingbird Needle Threader – Pink


Hummingbird Needle Threader – Teal

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