Home Stretch

7th August 2020

We’re not sure if you’ve taken note of the date on today’s newsletter, but it’s 7th August.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and whilst it’s also suggested that the older we get, the faster time seems to go by, we’re definitely siding with the having fun theory here at Inspirations Studios as we consider ourselves anything but old!

Although much of 2020 will not be regarded as ‘fun’ as we look back on a particularly uncertain year thus far, we’ve been buoyed through it all by our love of needle and thread. A love that has taken on a more prominent role than ever before, and amongst many other adjectives that can be used, we’ll always consider our time spent stitching as fun. 

And so it is, that the year has flown by regardless and we now find ourselves on the home stretch.

We’re not sure what this means for you, but for us it’s meant re-evaluating how we’ll spend our time throughout the remaining months of 2020.

What was it we set out to achieve at the onset of this year and how close are we to achieving it? Is there an area we need to double down on so we see ourselves reaching the sometimes lofty goals we’d set at the outset of the year? Has the unexpected arrival of COVID-19 meant that some of what we thought we’d do has now changed and we have a gap that needs filling?

For us, having to postpone our Beating Around the Bush convention until 2021 has meant there’s a gap – and a rather large one at that – which now exists in our calendar for 2020. Whilst some of our team were hoping that meant a quieter conclusion to the year, it turns out it will be anything but as there’s a LOT going on at Inspirations HQ! 

Our Christmas edition of Inspirations magazine, issue #108, and Volume 3 of our book series, A Passion for Needlework, are almost ready to be shipped from our printer, both of which will be launched in October. 

In addition to all that, issue #109 has been photographed and our Graphic Designer is now weaving his magic on yet another beautiful issue of the magazine. We’ve also just begun production on another two books that will be going to print before the year is out – all that and with only five months left on the calendar!

What about you? Are you as surprised as us at how quickly this year has passed? What do the remaining months of 2020 have in store for your needle and thread? We’d love to hear all about it, so email us at news@inspirationsstudios.com

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