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3rd August 2018

After reading the article ‘Embroidery as Rehabilitation After WWI’ in All Stitched Up #143 (HERE), Wendy Osborne went on to share a very personal connection she found within…

‘I thought you may be interested in a tapestry my father did while he was recuperating in hospital after he came home from the war. During WWII my father served in Borneo and Papua New Guinea and was hospitalised for many months upon his return to Adelaide.’

‘He was given a tapestry to help pass the time and said that he was in hospital for such a long time that the pattern rubbed off and he had to make up most of the background! This fire screen is one of my most cherished possessions and looks as fresh as it did when it was completed.’ 

Wendy, we love that you have such a cherished memory of your father and that needle and thread accompanied him through a lengthy recovery.

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