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5th June 2020

Staying Grounded | Your Responses

We opened All Stitched Up! issue #233 with a discussion on being grounded and what we can do to achieve that state. We thought we would share with you some of the responses we received as it has been fascinating to hear what everyone has been doing to stay grounded.

Sue Spargo

‘I am doing a 90-day creative stitching 1” circle on Instagram and Facebook which is keeping us all grounded here at Sue Spargo’s.’

‘Many people from all over the world are participating and sharing. It has been a lot of work but very fun. Everyone waits anxiously at around 11am for the new circle of the day.’

Doing a daily meditation is an excellent way to keep grounded and what better form of meditation than stitching?! Sue is one of our fabulous magazine contributors, and her work is bursting with colour and variation. Take a look at the circles produced so far at her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Lana Lipsett

‘I am reading the poetry that I love: AE Houseman, Matthew Arnold, Richard Lovelace, WE Henley, Shakespeare’s sonnets, some Keats and William Blake.

My Gran and I used to read poetry to each other when I was a teenager. I loved my Gran so much. Our family was a very unhappy one and Gran was my sanctuary.’

Lana we also love poetry, it really can be the perfect retreat as it requires you to feel the words as much as read them, encouraging the mind to contemplate the meaning and appreciating the lyricism produced. Coupling that with your happy memories, we can totally relate how this is an excellent way of you finding calm and gaining perspective.

Shirley Phillips

‘I have spent many hours stitching. It lowers my blood pressure and helps me cope. I have finished two crewel projects and I’m starting a knitted sweater.

Our beaches reopened this week so we can walk on the beach. There is something very soothing about listening to the waves. I am also doing lots of cooking and baking.

We are fortunate to be healthy. For now, travel is on hold but hopefully by December we can visit Europe again. It helps to plan trips.

There will be a new normal, but the world may never be the same.’

It sounds like you have found some wonderful ways of staying grounded Shirley. There are multiple studies attesting to the fact that being in nature is beneficial for all aspects of our health, both mental and physical. It has been difficult to be restricted from doing that, but even just spending time looking at pictures of nature can have a positive effect. 

And stitching, of course, has been the ‘go to’ method of grounding ourselves for many of us. Thank goodness we have needle and thread.

Paula Doherty

‘I’ve never been very good at long and short stitch and satin stitch. Having had tutoring with Jenny Adin-Christie on a Needlework Tours trip I’m happier with my satin stitch but still long and short was a challenge.’

‘I fell in love with Jennifer Bee’s new Oriental needle book design but there is a lot of long and short stitch in the cover design.

Daily stitching, taking it slowly and aiming to complete just a small area at a time is grounding my thought process and my needle with very pleasing results.’

That is an excellent approach Paula as indeed is evident in your results. Not only do you have a lovely piece of embroidery for us all to admire, you have also boosted your skills and confidence in long and short stitch.  

It is great to hear how everyone is grounding themselves right now. These techniques aren’t just relevant at the moment but are valuable even into the future. No matter what is happening in the world, there is always stress, chaos and uncertainty around us so having a way to find peace in amongst that is vitally important.

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