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6th July 2018

In All Stitched Up! #141 (HERE) we gave you the ‘Scoop on the Hoop’ as we guided you through the fine art of paying attention to your stitching tension through the use of embroidery hoops. Joan and Roberta joined in on the conversation to share some of their hoop history and how-tos.

Joan Carr | USA

‘My grandmother wrapped her inner hoops with strips of neutral shaded fabric – bias tape, twill tape, whatever was handy! This padding allowed her to tighten the outer hoop better and kept the fabric from slipping, even if it was very thin or slippery.  It also helped to keep the fabric from getting marks or creases where the fabric went over the edge of the hoop.  I still have some of her wrapped hoops.’

Roberta Kenney | USA

‘Just a note about making use of the wooden embroidery hoops… I have several antique Bates hoops that were my mothers. They have a strip of pink felt in the inner hoop which helps to keep the fabric drum tight. The other trick I use is to wrap the inner hoop with cotton twill tape which helps to keep fabric tight especially for Crewel Embroidery.’

 Joan and Roberta, we thank you for becoming part of the conversation and sharing your own ‘Scoops on the Hoop’!

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