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22nd November 2019

This week we’re starting a conversation that we’re hoping you’ll join in on.

With Christmas day just over four weeks away now, many of the conversations here at the Inspirations office are all about what each of us are doing to celebrate this significant day, what traditions we uphold that have been passed down to us from generations past, and whether we’re on track with our Holiday To Do Lists!

And that got us wondering… what do you do to celebrate the Holiday Season?

Are there traditions from past generations that you uphold each year? Are you on track to have everything done before Christmas Day? But most importantly, how is your love of needle and thread woven into your Christmas celebrations each year?

Season’s Greetings by Ana Mallah – Inspirations #96

We can’t wait to hear all about how you’re preparing for the festive season. Oh, and by the way… no pressure or anything, but to make sure we’re able to share your festive preparations with the Inspirations Community before the end of the year, please email us no later than 3rd December at news@inspirationsstudios.com

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