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9th November 2019

Speaking of choice, back in All Stitched Up! issue #196 HERE we asked ‘What’s Next?’ as we unpacked some ideas on how to choose your next adventure with needle and thread after you’ve laid the final stitch on your current project. We asked the Inspirations Community for some suggestions that would help guide us through this decision-making process and hope the responses below help guide you as they did us as you consider what to put your needles and threads to next…

Carol Meadows

‘I think I’m on mission to learn, so I’m always looking for my next challenge or another class to take! From there, I try to stitch in advance for gifts, Christmas ornaments and charity sales. I also have a project by my bedside to work on when I’m drinking my early morning coffee, one in the car for when I’m waiting to pick up grandchildren and a project I work on in the family room too!’

Roberta Kenney

‘Usually it’s picking the project that interests me most from my stack of WIPs unless I’m working on the current one from our Guild, although occasionally a new one will catch my fancy to try!’


‘I take screenshots on my iPad of things I find aesthetically pleasing and then file them in my ‘inspiration folder’. I ensure I make notes or circle something in the photo before filing it and almost always find my next project there.’

Carol, Roberta and Susan, we appreciate you taking the time to help point us in the right direction when it comes to choosing what to put our needles and threads to next… now if we could just decide what’s for dinner tonight!

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