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16th August 2019

Often the conversations we share in ‘Have Your Say’ have been sparked by something that’s appeared in ‘All Stitched Up!’, but this week’s conversation was inspired when the latest issue of Inspirations Magazine – issue #103 – found its way to Brigid’s doorstep…

Brigid McCrea

‘My Inspirations Magazine came in the mail today all the way from Australia to little old Alabama. I peel back the plastic and stare in wonder at the beautiful front cover. I haven’t even stepped away from the mailbox yet! What must my neighbors think? What has her so captivated at the mailbox?!’

‘I’m so excited as I walk back to the house that I can’t even tuck it under my arm. I just want to flip through the pages now! When I do finally make it into the house I plunk right down on the couch and get ready for an adventure. All other plans are on hold because I have my magazine, and nobody is allowed to bother me right now.

My fingers dance across the front cover. Not only is this magazine a visual beauty, but it’s textural too. They do such a nice job when they put this magazine together. My fingers move from the matte texture over some beautiful pink flowers to the shiny words of ‘Artful’ on the front cover. The title of the magazine is slick and shiny, hinting at the treasures that lie within.’

‘The light from the window dances off the front cover and I just take a few moments to drink it all in before I open it.

What new techniques to surprise and delight me lie within? Will my next project lie within these pages? Will yet another kit tempt me? I secretly hope it will!

Let my quarterly adventure begin! I crack open the magazine…’

Brigid, we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share the ritual you embarked upon when the latest issue of Inspirations found its way into your mailbox. Your words were eloquent and left us blushing! Our team pours a significant amount of effort into each issue and it makes it all the more worthwhile when we know they’re so well received and appreciated.

We hope your adventure inside the pages of the magazine was everything you hoped it would be and more, and we look forward to seeing what Inspirations issue #103 inspired you to create with your needles and threads!

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